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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Travel charm Kuta Beach Bali

Travel charm Kuta Beach Bali

Watching the sunset at Kuta beach is the thing that will not be forgotten, therefore Kuta beach is often referred to as sunset beach, because it will display the incredible charm when the afternoon and evening, bali kuta beach is known to foreign countries, the beauty of the outside used to be a pull factor for foreign tourists visiting Bali. Kuta beach is located in Badung regency, south of Denpasar precisely. The beauty of Kuta beach has been around since the 70s, now if you trellises to it, it will be filled by internasioanal class hotels and restaurants. Clup bar and plush lined along the beach, just a fun gathering for foreign travelers. Enjoy the fresh coastal air with good waves, you can also learn berselanjar, playing ball, flying kites, sunbathing on white sand soothing eye, and conduct other activities, there are massage services, pigtails, tattoo, kite sellers kite and many more.

Kuta beach has hot weather, suitable for foreign tourists who want to bask on the shoreline, so for those of you who want to go to Bali especially Kuta beach should prepare cream so the skin does not become dark.

Special from Kuta beach is a turtle habitat there, a lot of people who do not know this, formerly Kuta beach is a turtle living animals, but because skarang the verge of extinction, so that there is at kuta eds maintenance, this animal is protected by Government Regulation No. 7 1999 on the Preservation of Fauna and Flora, one of which protects all species of sea turtles. Also protected by international laws through the World Conservation Union (IUCN). * If you are lucky you can see the activity of the babies turtle release.

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